4 Facts About Catastrophic Personal Injuries

When you suffer serious injuries due to the negligence of another, it can affect your life for weeks or even months. However, when those bodily wounds are so serious that they impact the rest of your life, you may not know where to turn for assistance to cover your medical bills and long-term care. Learning the facts about these types of incidents may help you build a viable personal injury lawsuit and win monetary compensation.

1. You May Never Recover Completely 

When you suffer a catastrophic injury, they may affect your mobility, such as a spinal fracture that renders you paraplegic. As such, it is unlikely you would recover from this type of accident when compared to injuries that heal over time, such as a broken arm or laceration. Your ability to return to your job or care for your family may be affected as well, depending on the severity of the accident.

2. You Could Require Full-Time Care 

Catastrophic injuries heal slowly or may never disappear completely, leaving you with medical problems that could require the aid of a full-time nurse or in-home healthcare worker. Full paralysis, brain injuries or the loss of one or more limbs might require this type of care, which can be costly if you are underinsured. You may be able to claim these costs when filing a personal injury lawsuit. If the injury you sustained was the result of gross negligence, you may ask the judge to award you punitive damages as well.

3. You Might Suffer Disfigurement 

Some catastrophic injuries, such as burns, may leave you with lifetime disfigurement that can affect many areas of your life. Facial burns and scarring can be especially devastating and impact how you view yourself and how you believe others see you as well. While you may be able to undergo skin grafting or other procedures that can reduce the physical severity of facial burns, these procedures are often costly.

4. Your Family Can Be Affected 

You might not be the only individual affected by your catastrophic injury. Your family may have to readjust and the emotional and financial impact can be severe, especially if you have young children who might not understand the nature of your injury. Your spouse may have to take on new roles if you are no longer able to work, and this may put a strain on your relationship.

When you become permanently injured and you believe someone else is at fault, you do not have to face the future alone. Contact a personal injury lawyer to schedule an initial consultation and for further advice and assistance.