As a large business owner, you may have concerns about protecting yourself from frivolous lawsuits and how to create contracts with your employees that guard both them and the company during the course of their employment. Hiring a corporate litigation attorney may help you in these affairs, and he or she might also be able to provide you with other legal tasks related to your corporation.

1. Legal Representation 

A corporate attorney can provide you with representation in court, during the signing of contracts and during legal disputes that take place outside the courtroom, such as during dispute resolution. This attorney can represent your best interests and even speak for you if you do not wish to represent yourself during any legal matter.

2. Dispensing of Legal Advice 

You are likely to face many different legal issues when you own a corporation, and having somewhere to turn for advice can help you make informed decisions that may better protect your bottom line. For example, if an employee claims that he or she was injured on the job due to negligence and threatens you with a lawsuit, an attorney can help you understand the risks of going to court and whether the employee has a viable case. Having a corporate litigation attorney on hand can give you peace of mind when sudden legal matters arise.

3. Partnership Disputes 

If you own a corporation with one or more partners, disputes may arise. Buyouts, breach of contract claims and control issues are likely to crop up, all of which can cost you thousands of dollars if you try to navigate them on your own. Your attorney can represent you during these matters and provide you with information about the latest business laws that may protect you during times of partnership disagreements.

4. Tax Compliance 

Running a business makes you subject to a variety of tax laws and regulations that are subject to change each fiscal year. Having a corporate attorney in your corner can make compliance simpler and prevent costly tax errors. If your tax situation changes, such as if you sell your share of the business to a partner, your attorney can help you compute what taxes you might owe or what breaks you are entitled to. This can be especially useful if you are planning the purchase of a new business and the taxes are different than what you might be used to.Running a corporation can be a challenge, but there is help available. Contact a business lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA, like from Hoegen & Associates, P.C., today for more information and assistance.