Car Accident Lawyer

After all the dust has settled after a car accident, you may be wondering if it’s time to call the insurance company. For many drivers, this is a debatable topic. Do you need to call the insurance company? If not, when do you need to? When it comes to any car accident, the answer is usually straightforward. Most likely, you will want to call your insurance company. If you’re not sure why, here are the reasons.

Insurance Benefits

While some people may contact their agent from the scene, you can wait until you’re home and relaxed to call the insurance company. Even if you believe that the other driver is at fault for the accident, you need to talk to your company. You may be filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, but there may also be benefits that you aren’t aware of from your own policy.

Fault Disputes

One thing to keep in mind is that even if you believe that the other driver is at fault, he or she may not agree with you. In this case, you will need your insurance company to provide authority to make different repairs. The other insurance company will not be willing to pay those costs right away if they are disputing the claims. You may need your insurance company to step in. They can help you pay the cost of repairs or for a car rental. The benefits depend on the insurance that you carry.

Medical Bills

Another reason to contact your insurance company has to do with medical injuries. If you were injured during the accident, then your medical expenses may be high. Most do not have the means to pay doctor bills out of pocket. While it always depends on your coverage, your insurance may cover medical expenses and other coverages. It’s important to contact your agent to find out what you qualify for. After an accident, you deserve all of the help that you can get.

Once you contact your insurance company, they will ask you for quite a bit of information. You should have all of this prepared before the phone call. Make sure that you have contact information for the other drivers, the policy information for other drivers and know the law enforcement agency that responded to the accident. With all of this information, you can sit down and talk about your options with your insurance company and your car accident lawyer. Your insurance company is there to help you after an accident. You should always utilize them.

Source: car accident lawyer in District Heights, MD, Cohen Lawyers.