It can be challenging to represent clients whose cases have caught the attention of the media. Employing a Public Relations person can be helpful in managing the media and allow for you to focus on litigating the case in court. A publicist will not only help to manage the dialogue with the media but can also work on managing the reputation of your law firm. Contact an experienced public relations team today for their support in complementing the work that you do.

Public Relations and Litigation

It is widely believed by some in the legal world that a good publicist and the media’s view of a defendant is key to the outcome of a case.  The idea behind this is that in a lot of cases, the opposing counsel, i.e. prosecutor, is likely to be managing the media as well. When it comes to criminal cases that are in the lens of the media, being able to successfully dialogue with them regarding your client is important.

Disputes in the Public Eye

Whether you are a celebrity going through a divorce, a large corporation under investigation, or committed a crime that has caught media attention, managing your representation should be important to your legal representation. It will be important to work with your publicist and attorney to come up with a strategy for managing the media throughout. Large businesses are usually fairly familiar with this when they find themselves in the spot light. As a business, there are some essential steps that should be taken to help prepare and mitigate crisis in the public that include:

Doing as much preparative work before hand so that you have as much in place prior to a crisis or potential PR situation occurring.

Have a team ready who will manage the media.

Figure out who will be the face of the media campaign or crisis. Make sure that they are trained to speak to the media.

Make sure that the message you want the media to have is released appropriately and effectively. 

Why an Attorney can Benefit

A good publicist, like from a public relations agency in New York, NY at Goldman McCormick PR, not only manages clients but can also manage the image and reputation of a law firm regularly. They can help to get your name out into the world and help to market the law firm through the use of social media, advertisements and other various networks.

There are many benefits for an attorney to employ a PR Firm or have a PR department within their firm. They can serve a number of purposes that includes managing the image of an attorney and helping to grow a business, helping to prepare high profile clients and businesses from crisis and managing criminal cases that have caught the attention of the media. Contact a PR Firm today to help manage the media, so you can focus on representing clients.