Car Accident Lawyer

With so much of our time spent on the road, the chances of being in an accident involving cars, motorcycles or trucks is high. Some of the most common types of vehicle accidents occur at night. As a car accident lawyer like one from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. can tell you, they have witnessed many types of injuries due to people’s negligent actions, such as distracted or unsafe driving. To protect yourself and avoid getting into an accident, here are some things you can do to protect yourself while driving at night.

Avoid the Fast Lane 

Driving at night is more difficult for many drivers because of the limited visibility and glare from lights. As a result, they can end up entering the wrong entrance or exit. Many wrong-way drivers mistakenly end up on the wrong side of the road by drifting into a lane or entering the wrong onramp. This is especially common among drivers who are driving under the influence or are too fatigued. Avoiding the fast lane at night and staying in the middle lane can help you avoid head-on collisions with drivers who are unknowingly driving the wrong way. 

Know When to Turn On Headlights 

Whenever you are driving, you should not rely too much on your automated vehicle features, especially when it comes to your car’s headlights. Your vehicle won’t always detect more subtle changes in lighting. Pay attention to your surroundings and manually turn on the headlights once you can see that visibility is reduced. Do not rely wholly on your auto settings. Always be aware of your surroundings whenever you’re driving in the dark or during conditions with reduced or poor lighting. 

Get Enough Rest 

Driving while tired, sleepy or fatigued can increase your risk of getting into a collision. Microsleep is a common occurrence among drivers who have not gotten enough sleep or rest prior to driving. It refers to when a driver suddenly falls asleep for a few seconds, which often results in the driver losing control of the vehicle or drifting into the adjacent lane. Getting enough sleep is a simple way to prevent accidents from happening.

It can be challenging to drive at night since there are many variables and conditions which can hinder your ability to drive well. Following these basic tips can help you avoid a collision on the road. If you have been injured in a car accident, don’t hesitate to talk to a skilled lawyer now.