Who To Call After a Personal Injury

Getting injured can turn your entire life upside down. It obviously affects your health and will in turn influence your financial situation as well. Sometimes your family members and other loved ones are affected in a negative way, and you could suffer in relation to your job as well. How are you going to recover? How are you going to pay your bills? The following are four individuals and entities you can call to get the help you need.

The Police

The first phone call you should make after your injury is to the local authorities. Having a police officer make a report of the incident can aid you when it comes time to file an insurance claim or lawsuit. The officer can administer first aid if needed and can ensure the paramedics get there to help anyone with more serious injuries. Police officers offer an unbiased view of what happened, so it’s always nice to have that report to refer back to.

Your Doctor

Even if you are checked out in the emergency room, you should contact your personal physician. Especially if you are dealing with a particular disease, or if you’re pregnant, it’s essential your doctor knows about your injury. He or she might be confident in the care you receive in the emergency room, or you might end up making a special trip to the doctor’s office so you can undergo more tests.

A Lawyer

For the most effective representation when you file a lawsuit, you’ll probably want to call a lawyer to assist you with your case. Personal injury lawyers can search for evidence against the responsible party, help you file the lawsuit and help you work your way through the court process. You have to pay attention to the statute of limitations, as that dictates how long you have to file your lawsuit. In some states, you would only have two years to get your lawsuit filed, but in others, you could have four years. Your lawyer can help you understand the statute of limitations, so everything gets done on time.

The Insurer

You should call the insurer of the party who injured you. For example, if someone hits you with a car, you should contact the driver’s auto insurance company. You don’t have to give details about what happened, but you should inform the insurer of your intent to file a claim.

Getting Started 

Making the right phone calls is an important step of proper representation after an accident that causes you an injury. A personal injury lawyer from a firm like American Legal Care may be of assistance in your personal injury case.